Does WD plan on releasing the updated firmware anytime soon?

We were told it would take two weeks and its already been three almost four already, if there are delays would you’d think that the best course of action would be to let the customers know…

Why do you need to know the date of the release? :wink:

I dont think that it is important to know when it is gonna be released.

The most important is that (this time) it will be properly tested and that it will bring fixes instead of another bugs. (I hope)

I just want some things improved.  Baby steps.  As long as we are making progress in the right direction.  

I now find myself in no-man’s land.  It looks like the latest update on the website is 02.11.09-053, but my device is at 02.11.12-060.  There doesn’t seem to be a list of fixes for this version…  :-(

Ah well…