Does wd even bother replying their customers?!

i’ve made my purchase on 2 WD products, the WD TV mini and MY passport Elite on the 12th of March 2010, and have since registered my product for warranty. upon which, have also sent an email to WD to request for the extension of warranty due date. steps such as sending them a scanned image of proof of purchase as well as replying their auto generated email reply were pain-stakingly taken.

but until today, as of the 26th of March 2010, my simple request of the extension of warranty has not been seen to. WD still has the cheek to send such a blatant email to me seeking my understanding for their need of processing time. and here is the email they sent.

Update Warranty [Incident: 100312-004883]‏



Western Digital Support (

Sent: 12 March 2010 22: 32PM

Dear daniel,

Thank you for your question. Our goal is to respond to you within one (1) business day. However, sometimes due to heavy volume, it may take us up to three (3) business days to respond. If you need assistance from us sooner, please contact us at 1-800-ASK-4WDC (Hours of Operation: M-F 8AM-5PM PST) and we will be happy to assist you.

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and a quick glance at the product discussion board for the WD TV Mini has also shown that WD has FAILED to reply other customers facing issues with their products.

i wouldn’t be bothered to write into the forum IF the products from WD are performing up to their expected standard. but the very fact that i had to make an EXCHANGE within 2 days of purchase for my WD TV Mini has already raised my doubts on the credibility of WD and their products. even after the exchange, the replacement set that i received also faced similar issues.


if ever WD does do their work in reading our posts, i honestly, DEMAND an explanation for the lack of efficiency and their total ignorance of the needs and wants of us as their consumers. and i expect my request to be proceeded without further delay.

-that is IF WD still needs us to buy their products in the future.

i still hold on to that believe that WD is reputable and takes pride in their product as well as their relationship with their consumers. but if this last ray of hope for WD to take our word seriously, and step in to solve our problems faced when using their products, is to vanish; i would never hesitate to be the one recommending other brands and similar products to my friends and relatives who are considering making their purchase on a product by WD.

reputation of the company and the trust that consumers have in the brand and product of the company is vital to the decision making process of buyers. the internet is useful, powerful, and very scary to behold. and i believe if nothing is done to improve WD’s customer’s service and support, many more dissatisfied consumers would emerge.

Bill does. and im thankful for that.