Does the WDTV Live SMP Support HDMI & COmposite Out at the Same Time?

Does the WDTV Live SMP support HDMI & composite out at the same time?

I like to run HDMI through my lounge room home theatre set up and also use a video sender to transmit to the bedroom.

I know WDTV Live doesn’t do it and I’m just hoping WDTV Live SMP does.


Well the new  WD TV Live SMP does not have a component video output, so, this is not possible.

Edit: I was thinking, as an alternative solution, you can STREAM your videos to  your other TV set using your  old WD TV Live.

I was after composite no component.

Bump, anyone?

AGG, sorry I miss read your post. I tested this in my WD TV SMP, unfortunately, the this device cannot use both video output at the same time.

Thanks cuernudo.