Does the smp rescan all spources in the media library on every restart

I can understand a quick scan to see if there new media but everything?

I believe it does. If you have lots of files it will take a while.

  • Sometimes it hangs and keeps blinking forever (without actually doing something)
  • While “scanning”  you can use File/Folder to play something, or try your luck with a super-slow browsing and HD videos may not play smoothly.
  • If you stop it forcefully (power off, unplug etc) it will start again (indexing) on reboot. Better to stop it by turning off “Media Library” or remove media sources [x].
  • This device is not meant to be OFF. If you turn it OFF completly (keep power button pressed for 3-5 sec, or unplug), on reboot  your network settings are forgotten (guaranteed if you use dynamic IP) and must begin by doing a “Autodetect” otherwise your “Network” is unavailable together with your Media Library (obviously). - Best to use static IP (manual) OR use your STREAMING device OFFLINE with USB drives!

These are my personal observations.

I use “Media Library” for Movies only and for everything else Folders


I also believe that it has a hard-limit on the number of files it can process. I have tried to index my music and gave up because extracting tags & covers from 100 000+ tracks is not something I look forward EVERY TIME I power on the device!. Therefore - folder browsing is better.


The ideea of personal photo gallery is great. Pity I had to gave that up when I had to hunt my personal photos among hundreds of album-covers, movie-photos etc.  _Therefore - folder browsing is bette_r.


Indexing TV shows look great on paper, but takes a lot of time just switching from Movie to TV, not mentioning the amount of shows not detected as TV. If you have documentaries, short videos or other NON-MOVIE stuff, it will just be mixed with you movies in the big VIDEO category.  Therefore - folder browsing is better.

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After further checking it  apears the it doesn’t do a full scan on a restart but just a brief check to see if new media is around.

It clear though it does some have  issues with scanning certain types of  backups…example esata docks and certain nas.

Fortunaly my netgear nas works fine with it but my esata drive on my computer requires the smp to reboot before it scans it correctly (go figure).

Time to change that out anyway so no biggy for me.

Scan speed is not mid boggling but compared to the boxee box its light speed.

Took roughly 20 min or less for the smp and took nearly a day and a half for the boxee box.

Playback no issues to report.

No web broswer no great loose.

Apps work fine if are limited in number.

Runs quite warm but no over heating…although venting on the bottem is a wierd place to put them but since it can be hung no a issue.

Does what it promises without real issue beyound some minor ones .