Does the 3TB WD3001FYYG have APM enabled?

Hopefully someone here will be able to help… We had some issues with Hitachi drives in our Promise storage arrays, so we’re looking to replace them. I’m recommending WD drives, since I’ve always had good luck with them, but my boss is worried about APM slowing response time on the drives, and potentially causing data loss.

The Hitachi drives have several APM levels enabled, as do the 3TB Seagate drives which are listed as being compatible with the array. However, I can’t find any information  saying if the 3TB WD3001FYYG drives have APM enabled or disabled. Can anyone shed some light on this? For the record, we’ll be using dual Promise Vtrak E830F arrays.

Hope this help.

And also this one.

Sorry, I’ve looked at that info already, and there’s no information specifically about APM. And I know the WD3001FYYG  is compatible with the Promise array, but so were the Hitachi’s we had, and the drives kept going into a low power APM mode and affecting performance… However, several of the drives also went bad…and several of them came DOA.