Does Smartware backup Windows Live Mail

Since I changed from W7/8 to W10 I have lost the Windows Mail facility which is very annoying as I had got used to it. As an alternative I have taken up Windows Live Mail and noticed today that Smartware does not seem to backup this version of Mail even theough the Mail box is ticked as a file type to backup…
So here’s my question: Should Smartware backup WLM or is its backup held by Microsoft on the net. My service provider supplies a Webmail client and I have linked that to WLM and store my mail in an inbox and outbox and I would hate to lose it.
Is there a way in which Smartware can be set to backup these files?
Thanks to all who offer help with this

It can copy Windows Live Mail files but they need to be exported to your system as files using a compatible extension first. For example, in order to backup Outlook mail files, Outlook needs to export .PST files first.

Hi Trancer,
thanks for the reply. I am afraid that I dont know how to do that with WLM files.


Each mail client is different. I’d recommend browsing the help section or support articles related to exporting files from Windows Live Mail.

Hi Trancer just to let you know that I now see Mail as a backup category. I thought that I had already posted this and I dont know why this happened.