Does NAS Offer Malware Protection

Hi Guys.

I am a newbie to this forum although I do have a bit of WD gear and find WD Drives Outstanding.

I am currently in a situation with one of my customers that has been hit with Ransomware three (3) times in the last 9 or so weeks. The first attack was from the LOL Virus. My customer’s network support people advised they could rectify the problem and required several thousand dollars up front and said they could resolve the problem in about 3 days.
They were working on the infection for over two weeks and didn’t really clean the network. After 4 weeks my customer was hit again by DMALocker 3.0. This time my customer paid the 4 Bitcoin Ransom and received a decryptor code and the network people said the system was cleaned. All this time I was advising my customer and the network support people that the system wasn’t clean and that there were hundreds of .LOL files still on the network. About 2-3 three weeks later the LOL Virus hit the system again. This time my customer paid the 0.4 Bitcoin ransom and received a decryptor program. Now there are still .LOL files all over the network and I believe they will probably get hit again.
The network support people are now recommending installing a QNAP NAS. I have queried them on why they are recommending an NAS and why they chose QNAP rather than WD. They are pretty much ducking my questions.

I apologise for the long winded lead in to my question!

Does installing a NAS on a network offer any more level of protection against Malware Attacks?

Reuben Carlsen


I believe you should contact WD support in order to get assistance with this.

Hi Hamlet.

Thank you for the advice.

I will attempt that action, hopefully I can get a coherent response.

Ya no, I am a programmer and not a network expert, but, over the years I have gleaned a lot of knowledge about networks etc. One thing I have found is that there are so many so called network support experts that don’t really know what they are doing!


Probably not. The first post here about these ransom ware programs was from a guy who said his My Cloud (NAS) had been attacked, was full of the program’s files, and he copied the ransom message text on it in his post for all to see.

I think the best protection is a good firewall on router and computer and a proven anti-virus program on the computer, e,g, Norton Security.