Does MyCloud support Jumbo Frames?

Does MyCloud support Ethernet Jumbo Frames?

Doesn’t look like it.  Tried following instructions from

I turned on SSH and used a free ssh client to log into the drive.  Running:

> ip route get dev eth0 src
    cache ipid 0x7c1b mtu 1500 rtt 10ms rttvar 10ms cwnd 10

shows jumbo frames is not turned on (mtu 1500).  I tried editing /etc/networking/interfaces to look like this:

> cat /etc/network/interfaces
# Configure Loopback
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp
mtu 9000
allow-hotplug eth0

But after restarting the device, MTU is still showing as 1500.  Tried various values using:

> ifconfig eth0 mtu 9000
SIOCSIFMTU: Invalid argument

Which google’ing tells me is a kernel error that the value is unsupported.  So it may be that the WD kernel needs to be modified to support large frames or maybe the underlying network hardware doesn’t support them.