Does anyone recommend this drive for Mac Home Network?

Hi all.

I’m currently looking for a solution for having a central backup and file storage drive for all of our macs in the house.

We have externals that we use for local Time Machine backups. However I would also like a common place where I can store larger files that don’t fit on our local machines/externals, as well as a manual copy of all our files.

I’m actually looking for 1 drive to connect to our home network, and then another drive that we can use as an off-site copy of the backup. I guess the off-site drive need not be a NAS. But the one in the house definitely does.

We run a Mac Pro in the studio, a Mac Mini in the home theatre, 2 Macbooks, an AppleTV, an iPad and 2 iPhones. 

I’d love to be able to stream things like MKV files from it to the home theatre room for instance. However I’ll be using my studio Mac Pro as my master iTunes library that serves the AppleTV media.

I have read a lot of negative comments about the drive. So I am after anyone who can offer some praise or unbiased comments about it!

I personally own a MyBook Studio II 2TB drive which I use as my Mac Pro main Backup. The first one I had was faulty within a week. But this 2nd one has lasted a few years now. 


Scott, don’t bother it’s not worth the trouble.

I’ve got quite a few problems with this drive and am already looking to replace it.

It works well as a standard back-up. However when using as a network drive has the ability to dissapear frequently.

Also, the WD discovery software never worked, (lots of other people having trouble with it).

It’s slow to get any answers here on the forum, and most of the people seem to be in the same boat.

I still can’t get the twonky media server to function correctly, and to be honest I don’t have the time to f**k about with it.

I would spend the additional money and buy something that is more plug and play and doesn’t require too much fettling.

It’s also much slower than I thought sat on my network.

Yes this is a bit of a rant, and I’m sure you will get other opinions.

Do some more re-search and don’t make a decision on price alone.