Does anyone no the default path WD TV Live uses on o PC?

Does anyone know what the default path would be for wdtv live on a pc? Trying to point my Sonos to it as a music library. Used to be able to do this, but Windows 10 won’t let me see the path anymore. I seem to recall it being something like \wdtvlive\music

Windows 10 security updates disabled SMB1 and use SMB2/SMB3

WD TV Media Players use SMB1

Check and re-enable SMB1 in Windows 10 if it’s disabled.

Thanks. Been through a number of instructions/attempts at disabling SMB1 with no luck. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

you have to Enable SMB1 for the WDTV to work on a Network.

Understood. I have enabled, but still cannot see path. Mistyped when I mentioned disabled.