Does anyone here own a Dlink DSM 520?

I have been using a DSM 520 for over a year with playon and know its ups and downs. Just wondering how WD Live compares to it.  Handling DVR-MS would be a plus that the DSM cannot do.

I had both a DSM-510 & 520 that I replaced with 2 WD Live. Cannot beat it for the money. All of the DSM series Media Lounges cannot compare to the WD’s capabilities.1080P, DTS, Etc.  Save yourself some money and aggravation get one of these… cj

I’m keeping my DSM520 for sure. Just looking for a handling comparison - interface, etc


OK… The WD has native Matroska & DTS support. The user interface is a little cleaner. USB interface is better on the WD. Its biggest advantage is being able to play .vob, .iso and anything the 520 can play. When was the last firmware for the 520? WD updates the firmware on a regular basis. I am also using it wireless over a N network with very good throughput. cj

Got the WD live yesterday. 100x better than the Patriot box I tried. Nice interface and stable. So, far my little girl has been using it, so haven’t tested it much. She accidentally upgraded the firmware this morning before I was up, making it even friendlier to use :slight_smile: