Does ANYBODY know if there is ANY way to control the WD TV without the remote

I brought the WD TV with me on vacation but my dad brought the wrong remote. So i was wondering if there was any way to use the wd tv without the remote, and i am willing to try just about anything. Thanks for any help you can give.

whoops, did i just post in the wrong board?

Yes, but the answer would be the same for either the Live or the WD TV.

ANY way?  Of course – you could buy a Harmony Remote (or any of the derivatives) and they will control any device they have in their database (and that includes all varieties of the WD TV).  But you’d also need a computer with you and internet access (and it’s a pricey solution).

Depending on where you are on vacation (let’s say across country but still near cities) and depending on how much hassle and how important it is to you, there’s a much cheaper way – just go to Best Buy and buy another WD LIve (or whatever).  Use that remote and at the end of your vacation (or before 30 days is up) return it for a full refund (just tell them it didn’t work – they’re used to that story).  Other than that I don’t know how you’ll do it.

I have a computer and internet access but i do not have any access to any major electronics distributor… i guess i just have to enjoy the vacation without it.