Does 3 tb partitioned drives work with 1.03.29b firware

Im stuck with a 3 tb drive and can’t update to 1.05 firmware because a lot of my movies don’t work on that firmware.  Im stuck with firware 1.03.29b and it works for all my movies no complaints there.  the only thing I have to manualy do is the mkv merge software for some of my movies to work.  I lost the reciept of my drive so just trying to make it work with the WD media player at an earlier version of max 2 tb drives. Any hints for me???..  I partitioned my 3 tb into 2 parts and my WD media player doesn’t recognize it.  I was told this works for people??? anoyone done this???

dirk_diggler, unfortunately, an update is required.


I think this might work tell me what you think???   I can partition the 3 Tb external hard drive to NTFS instead of GTP which would force the drive to 2.2tb and loose the 700gig and should work through windows xp 32bit and also read on the WD media player correct???  only down fall is I loose 700gig right???   … I only want to run 1.03.29b firmware…

WD firwmware 1.03.29B

windows xp 32 bit

seagat 3tb drive(partitioned to 2.2tb)

NTFS partition

I think you’re confused.   NTFS is not a substitute for GPT.   

GPT works WITH NTFS, But if you substitute GPT with MBR, that might work.

POST a solution!!!  I shouldn’t  have posted this question I figured it out myself along with 2 techs at future shop.   Sorry tony I am not confused about GPT and NTFS or MBR If you  re -read my system set up then you would know that I am only using Windows XP 32 bit for my operating system.   XP does not have support for GPT(GUID partition table) only Vista and windows 7 have that new standard. That means I would have to eliminate GPT totaly and only use NTFS partition and MBR(Master Boot Record) partitions are more for internal hard drives rather than external hard drives.   Anyway If anyone wants to know I found a solution for my western digital media player it works great with the new 3tb partition with firmware 1.03.29b.  

HEY GUYS  this is Awsome No update is needed for this to work!!!  (YOu don’t need to update the WD media player to 1.05 for 3 TB to work)…

WD firmware 1.03.29b (same firmware when purchased)

Windows XP 32 bit, File system(NTFS)

NTFS partition

1 seagate 3 tb ( NTFS partioned into 3 drives ,drive G,drive H, drive I,)

2 seagate 2 tb

3 seagate 2 tb

for more info on partitions check this link out

No, you were confused.

You’d said “NTFS instead of GPT”.  The drive will be NTFS either way, whether the partition table is MBR or GPT, which is what Tony was trying to clarify for others.

Yes, it’s true that XP 32-bit does not support GPT when the drive is connected _ internally _, but all WD’s drives work under XP when connected by USB, whether GPT or MBR.  The USB controller within the external case supports GPT and that’s all that’s necessary… the GPT is effectively “hidden” from XP.  You wouldn’t have to “eliminate GPT” in order to use it through USB with 32-bit XP – none of WD’s other XP users have ever had to do that, despite the Microsoft articles saying that you can’t.

If you’re happy losing 1TB, then there’s not much anyone can say, but it’s premature to say it “works great”.  Part of the whole reason WD blocked access to GPT drives under the older firmwares, was because drives (and data) _ were _ getting eventually corrupted when folks tried work-arounds – eventually, not immediately.

Now, if you’ve formatted MBR (and truncated the drive) I’m not immediately seeing a technical reason for it to not continue working and avoid corruption, but I don’t think anyone can guarantee that there won’t be issues down the road.

And, it’s not true to say that you don’t need an update to get 3TB to work.  If your drive does remain problem-free, as I hope it does, then you’re getting 2.19TB to work… the rest of the 3TB isn’t working.


On another “helpful” Microsoft support page, they seem to think that pretty much _ ALL _ drives above 2TB are 4096-native and not “Advanced Format”, and pretty much say that none of them can be used under _ ANY _ version of Windows, either internally or externally.  While it may be true that no version of Windows supports 4096-native drives, it certainly isn’t true that no externals 2TB and up are Advanced Format.

Im not loosing 1 tb I have 2794.51Gb almost  a full 3tb (loosing 277GB)drive split into 930GB into 3 partitions with all movies working in many different file formats and audio working perfectly for firmware 1.03.29b .    Take what I said anyway way you want  I’m probably not going to keep this WD media box in the near future as long as it works for me now i don’t care just posting a solution for anyone to see what I did worked with no problems.    Thinking of giving this WD media box to a friend for nothing and buying a computer and having a proper set up with 24 bit dts master audio and a smoking interface with windows 7 media movie Library.  For anyone out there that wants to have a better set up than this WD media player keep reading on if not  I’m still happy for you.  If your an extreme and serious  blue ray movie guy and want superior audio you probably arlready know that no media player yet is better than a computer(wd media live, d-link boxxee box, pop corn whatever…) and has at least 1000 blue ray movies with at least 40 or 50 movies non compressed in dts master audio and proper blue ray thumbnails at high res check this link out my cousins has this already done on his computer connected to his Pioneer Elite 50 inch plasma 5.1 psb speakers , stage 3 line conditioner etc.   Just by adding a computer in substitute for a media player with a great graphics card 24 bit audio and windows 7 media center movie library.   Windows 7 media center movie library

this plugin automatically creates folders for you and downloads the thumbnails at high res for you instead of manually doing it with the WD media box  which takes me forever.   It even has background images of the movie and automatically downloads movie info like the plot, actors in the movie etc.   Here is the download link if you have Windows 7 or Vista  Media browser download

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dirk_diggler wrote:

Im not loosing 1 tb I have 2794.51Gb

Well, I was answering this question, like you asked:

dirk_diggler wrote:

I think this might work tell me what you think???   I can partition the 3 Tb external hard drive to NTFS instead of GTP which would force the drive to 2.2tb and loose the 700gig and should work through windows xp 32bit and also read on the WD media player correct???  only down fall is I loose 700gig right???

As I said, the way you have it now, with small partitions but remaining under GPT has been tried in the past, and other users _ were _ losing their data… which is why WD had to “block” GPT drives, to prevent users from losing data through their work-arounds… and which is why I was cautioning you.

thanks bro I’ll keep that i mind…evey single one of my movies are backed up including thumbnails…  Hey what did you think of the windows 7 media browser example link???  common that’s just simply amazing…   I wan’t to integrate that soo bad…

I hope people understand I don’t just wan’t to bash WD but post new ideas for people’s set up