Documentation/Information/Technical Specs

I have a WD TV Live Hub. Although I enjoy using the device I struggle with the lack of documentation and instructions. Specially with the Media Library. What is .wdtv folder for? What are the XML, files for? why is some media library info stored in the .titlename folder?  while other titles have a .jpg file. what are the .bmk files for? what is the limit on the number of Media Library entries? What is the special decoder ring for access to all of this information?

I currently stream from a couple of My Book Live 3tb rnetwork drives and I have the latest WD LIVE HUB firmware (trust me-I update to the latest every time in the hope that more details will be revealed…)

So many questions!

Let’s see if I can help.

  • The .wd_tv folder contains the database file(s) themselves (cas, journal, union, lock, etc.)
  • The .wd_tv folder also contains some thumbnail caches.
  • XML files are the content metadata fetched during “Get content info.”
  • The .titlename folders contain backdrops for use in the gallery view.   These folders ONLY appear if you use gallery view.
  • .jpg files aren’t generated by the .wd_tv; they probably come from somewhere else.   But folder.jpg files are used to represent the folder instead of just the generic folder icon.  “titlename.jpg” files are cover-art files for individual media files.
  • .bmk files are Resume Point files for DVDs.  All other resume points are stored in the media library database.  Never understood why DVDs needed to be different.
  • As far as I know, there’s no functional limit to the size of the Media Library.  I’ve had as many as 40,000 entries before (but have substantially fewer now.)  There are practical limits though, but it’s subjective.