Document Management System in EX2

I’m using WD EX2 as a shared document/file server in a small office environment. (Actually i have the same set up in 3 offices that I help). It is used for backups but also for storage of shared documents and files, both for staff in the office and 'on the road". Works very well and is easy to manage.

The one thing that I miss is some form of basic “Document Management System” that either locks a document if it is in use by another user or at least warns users if the same document is accessed from multiple devices at the same time. Also some basic version control of documents.

I have search the 3rd party app section but cannot find anything there.

Is anyone aware of some solution that is available …? Anything that could be added in future releases…?


Hi there,

This sounds like a good suggestion to post on the ideas board. Check this link so you can post your suggestion there: