Do we really need JAVA for cloud login?

Hi everyone,

I’ve found no issues with my drive so far and quite happily like the big capacity, ease of use and and access anywhere using iPhone/iPad but have just discovered that you need JAVA to access from a remote browser.

I tried from work and it said Java installation was required - obviously I don’t have admin rights so cannot install this!

Would this be the same from (for example) an intenet cafe anywhere in the the world? Surely JAVA cannot always be required?

Over the last few years Java has been getting more media attention due to its security concerns especially on ‘public use’ computers - this is very ironic as access to the cloud would almost always be done through public computers!

Please can someone with experience of the WD MyCloud post a workaround that doesn’t require Java? I am going travelling soon and this would be invaluable.



Short answer is, yes. To use the site in a web browser Java is generally required.

There are several other options for accessing the WD My Cloud remotely. The problem you may face is that without the ability to install software you won’t be able to install one or more of the programs below on a computer or device.

WD My Cloud Desktop for Windows

WD My Cloud Desktop for Mac

WD My Cloud for Android

WD Photos for Android

WD My Cloud for iOS

WD Photos for iOS

WD 2go for Windows Phone