Do WD TV HD and Live have same specs over HDMI?

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  Audio over HDMI

Anyone know the answer on this?

According to, both the Live and HD use hdmi spec 1.3.

ok thanks.

If anyone is interested in checking this out, here is a 5.1 LPCM (uncompressed) wave file:

   5.1 24 bit/48 kHz

Each channel has one of the notes of the Amaj chord.

When I place this on a USB memory stick and use the WD TV HD with HDMI connected to my Pioneer VXS-9140TXH receiver, it shows only stereo received over HDMI.

Now that I think about it, they don’t exactly comply to the mechanical specifications of the HMDI spec ( so I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t quite get it right with other aspects of the specifications either. So while they claim that they are HDMI 1.3 compatible, they also claim support for mp4s and just don’t tell you that you’ll have audio/video sync issues. Seems to be a common theme with WD and these players. Also, I’ve read that they don’t meet mechanical spec for USB either. It’d be good if whoever owns/maintains these specifications would step forward and strip WD of their logos so that people don’t think they’re getting something without compatibility issues.

Does WD even know/care what a spec is? That’s not a rhetorical questions either. I’d really like an answer…I’ve posted the question before.

Ah… a little more digging and we come up with 1.2.

Who knows?? I’m not even sure WD knows. Granted, this post comes from Jan '09 when there were no Gen2 devices. It’s possible that the newer Sigma chip in the Gen2 and Live claim 1.3 while the older Sigma chip of the Gen1 only claimed 1.2 compliance. Either way, WD’s product page is a little misleading in that anyone looking for information on the Gen1 really is getting information for the Gen2. Maybe they should have thought out releasing 4 devices all at once (and two with the same name, ie WD TV HD) a little more.