Do WD internal drives have the same firmware like the external drives? I'm scared to buy one

I want to buy 2 x 2TB internal HDD’s and set them up in a NAS thingy so all my movies are together.

A friend recommended the WD Caviar Green but i’m scared they might also have the dodgy firmware that’s installed on their external drives. Can someone please confirm if the internals have this partition that can’t be removed or is just a normal hard drive without all the rubbish software they put on the external drives.

Nope, that’s no really easy to identify because they change the firmware several times during production. I’ll suggest you to contact WD directly.

yes they are mostly identical … the external case normaly have a chip in the case that encrypts the data… but not all models
External drives are internal drives in a external case only lol

if you want to buy a green drive i would sugest that you use the LCC tool to put 5minutes or disable it completely