Do not upgrade to 1.06.15

A lot of people are having problems with the new firmware. I originally thought my hard drive was no longer being recognised, but if you wait long enough it does actually mount. By long enough, I mean around 10 minutes! On top of that my wireless stopped working for several hours, after unplugging and replugging various bits and pieces, I eventually got it working again, but not without a lot of trouble.

Several users are reporting the same kind of problems (hard drives not mounting in seconds but minutes) along with many reports of some devices no longer functioning at all (both hard drives and wireless cards). There are also several bugs that got in there.

I would seriously suggest holding off on upgrading if you have not upgraded already and get the version after this one which will hopefully address these problems. I don’t know if I want to risk downgrading, but I’m considering it.

I have waited more than 30 minutes; HD is not recognized at all!!!

Yes there is a serious resource management issues with the new firmware for the WDTVLIVE. If you must use this firmware then get a wiired network connection or use a powerline ethernet adapter like the LIVE WIRE.

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I stopped updating firmware at 1.03.49 when they messed up stereo downmix from 5.1 in .vob’s.  It still isn’t fixed.  And I’m certainly not going to buy another WD media player - considering the fact that with each new firmware, a fundamental issue isn’t resolved while they continue to introduce new features that only half work…which causes the public to cry for *those* to be fixed instead of an audio issue that has existed for what?  5 updates?

I dunno if I would go that far, both 1.04 & 1.05 was fine as far as I can tell, but they really screwed up and dropped the ball with firmware 1.06. Lots of people are having problems with USB devices since the update. I don’t really understand how they could not notice this before releasing the firmware to the public, but I’m sure they have a perfectly good explanation that doesn’t involve a lack of testing prior to the release.

I haven’t downgraded yet in fear of making things worse than they already are. I’m hoping they’ll take the USB device problems seriously and get a patch out quickly.

Hi, I had the similiar problem.  Try a different USB with FAT format.  My WDTV live worked well after I did that.

Can’t, I have files much bigger than 4GB on my HD… even if I wanted to switch to FAT format, there’s too much on the HD to do that. Right now, I would simply suggest that people that have not upgraded stick to their current firmware until the next one comes out, which I would assume will fix the USB device problems.

Jeddia wrote:

I stopped updating firmware at 1.03.49 when they messed up stereo downmix from 5.1 in .vob’s.  It still isn’t fixed.  And I’m certainly not going to buy another WD media player - considering the fact that with each new firmware, a fundamental issue isn’t resolved while they continue to introduce new features that only half work…which causes the public to cry for *those* to be fixed instead of an audio issue that has existed for what?  5 updates?

I still can’t replicate this, no matter how many times you dismiss my posts.

I just tried again.  I cloned a disc to an .iso with DVDFab.

I get the same apparent sound level on the TV from the original disc in a stand-alone, from my Handbrake .mkv rip played on my Live under 1.06.15 and from the .iso played under 1.06.15.*

All 3 are “low” compared to other audio (especially .mp3), but all 3 are consistent with each other… I find no “messed up” sound levels with the .iso – if anything, it’s a hair louder than the other 2 for any given TV volume setting, but I don’t have a SPL meter to confirm that.  But I certainly don’t need to crank the volume for the .iso to make it even with the other 2… I just have to crank the volume for all 3, if I want the same sound level as the TV’s tuner or .mp3 audio files.

With my TV, Iong before I got the WDTV, I’ve always listened to TV with the volume at “10” or “12”, and DVDs have needed “18” or “20” for “equivalent” listening.

And yes, the audio is 5.1, and is being downmixed to stereo by either the stand-alone or the WDTV.  I can find no evidence that the sound level is being “altered” by the WDTV for the .iso.

* And it’s not a matter of the TV applying different levels to different inputs… the WDTV is routed through the stand-alone DVD recorder because the TV only has the one input, so comparing the sound levels is simply a matter of leaving the WDTV playing (either file) and stopping and starting the DVD.

ADD:  FWIW, I just tried again with 2 other stand-alone DVD players and with a VIDEO_TS folder structure on the HD instead of ripping to .iso.  I still can’t note any differences.  (Well, in this case, again the VIDEO_TS folder sounds slightly louder than the original disc and the .mkv rip, but not drastically louder.)  The only thing I can think of is that your stand-alone DVD player is adding emphasis to the center track when it plays back, which is why you note a different level.  But since I’m not seeing any change to the audio signal levels, I’m not exactly sure what it is you’d like WD to be “fixing”.  It should just be playing the stream as-is with no monkeying around, instead of fiddling with the levels for discs that have been encoded in that manner – if you want advanced processing of a 5.1 signal, you’d need an AVR.


I don’t know why you can’t reproduce it.  Perhaps you’re lucky and your box doesn’t suffer from this problem.  But it certainly exists for me.  And it certainly exists for others (there have been numerous threads already, as you know).  I’ve even spoken to WD’s tech support about it.  I don’t “dismiss” your posts out of hand, but I have to assume that either some boxes have the problem and some don’t, OR all boxes have the problem and the users who don’t recognize it are inept.  There’s plenty of evidence that this problem exists for many users.  And you don’t sound inept to me.  So I’m leaning towards the first option - that the problem exists on some boxes but no others.

This link from a non-WD forum shows that it’s been around for quite some time:

The one guy in that forum says he’s had the problem since 1.02.xx - which is odd, because if I revert to firmware prior to 1.03.49, my audio problem disappears - but so does DVD menu funtionality and my .mkv’s start randomly freezing again…

Mostly, I’ve given up making .iso’s of entire DVD’s.  I just use MakeMKV to peel the episodes/movies/features out of the disc.  It takes more time, but .mkv’s don’t have the audio issue (or they have it less]…) on my box.

Regardless, I still find it disturbing that there are so many bugs in each firmware update.  And 1.03.49 still seems to be the most stable version.   The WDTV live, if it did everything it was supposed to flawlessly, would be an amazingly convenient and affordable option in the market of media players.  However, it’s becoming something (to me, at least) that isn’t worth the headache.

I’m going to look into spending a bit more on a nice PC media center or perhaps a Mac Mini to dedicate to my TV.  I hate to have an entire computer system down there to maintain, but at least it’ll be 100% functional.

Jeddia, I think what RoofingGuy is saying is that the ‘problem’ with the 5.1 mixdown to stereo is there (low dialog volume levels), but that it is normal for that to happen. I have experienced the same problem for a long time now. For most DVDs with a 5.1 soundtrack, I have to turn my TV’s volume all the way up to maximum (or very near maximum) to hear the dialog, then the surround channels and music are very very loud in comparison to the dialog.

I agree with you that the older firmware (very old firmware) did not have that problem, and that is why a lot of people are complaining. However, after looking deeper into this issue, I have to agree with RoofingGuy. Every other device that I try has the exact same problem with the 5.1 mixdown to stereo.

It has been posted in this forum that the older firmware actually had a problem and that ‘bug’ is what caused the dialog levels to sound better. When the problem was corrected, that made the audio the way that it is now. I know that that sounds crazy, but  I am starting to believe it because that is the same thing that happens with all the other devices that I have tried. The low dialog levels seem to be a by-product of mixing the 5.1 audio down to stereo, and that is normal. We either have to live with it, or buy a surround sound system.

Well, as Scandy says, the original firmwares seemed to apply a different channel weighting when they did the downmix, which most users prefer.

As I said, the volume _ IS _ low and the mix ends up with low dialogue and high BGM and effects.  But it’s that way on the original disc when I try with 3 different stand-alones, and the WDTV levels are not apparently any different.  Before my WDTV I had to watch any DVDs that didn’t have a 2.0 track, at night, with the subtitles on because if they were quiet enough that the music and effects didn’t bother my family trying to sleep, then I couldn’t hear the dialogue at all.  And I’ve always had to crank the TV’s volume if I’m playing back DVDs, whether a 5.1 track or a 2.0 track.

But, my point about “dismissing”, was that in the past when I tried to point out that all AC3 plays like this for me, even on the original disc (like in the comments of the post you linked to – container was irrelevant, all downmixed AC3 was just quiet, both 2.0 and 5.1), you had said that was not the case, and that for you AC3 in vobs was significantly lower than the original disc and lower than AC3 in other containers, such as .mkv and .avi – you said the issue you were complaining about was strictly limited to 5.1 AC3 pulled out of vobs, and was not an issue with the 5.1 channel weightings.

So, that was what I just re-tested yesterday.  For me, there is no change, whether its the original disc, an MKV or a vob.

All 3 (including the original disc) are considerably lower than other audio streams, but I can’t notice vobs being any lower than other containers or the original audio stream – as I said, if anything, they’re a tad higher, but not significantly so.  And that post you linked to is also talking of all AC3 being too low, and not vobs being significantly lower than other containers, so it doesn’t seem to be describing your reported problem at all.

For all I know, it was Dolby Labs that made WD change the channel weightings for the downmix, in order to maintain the DD licencing.  I have no clue why it was changed.  All I know is that since the change, the WDTV sounds exactly like the original disc, when played from every player I have access to, in terms of both levels and mix of channels.  So, even though I’d like a better mix, with more emphasis on dialogue, and less on gunshots, I’m not convinced the current mix can be called a “bug”.

I must also add, that of all the people that are complaining about the AC3 5.1 downmix, and low dialogue levels, I’ve not seen any others say that it is lower than the audio on the original DVD, or that vobs are quieter than AC3 in other containers.

confirmation of the hdd-problem.

hdd in usb1 doesnt mount, d-link dwa-140 wlan stick on usb2 (back) stopps working after plugging hdd in usb1 (side)

hdd in usb2 mounts after several minutes. mkv which play perfectly via network don’t play from mounted hdd.

downgrading to previous version 1.05.04 (which has annoying player-menu issues) helps.

mkv still works via network only.

If people are looking, official downgrade links

Do we know if WD is aware of the USB device issues and intends to fix it? For the time being I am going to downgrade (just downloaded the rollback firmware).

I have no issues with this firmware release. I have a wired connection and no local drives, only network shares though.

Do not upgrade to this version!

I’ve been also having issues. Files in NAS aren’t identified (not any of them). Playback from USB starts after very long time. And the button feedback is about 1-5 seconds.

I had to downgrade to be able to play my video files (avi, mkv, mp4, etc etc) from QNAP NAS.

No problems to date on my systems, running a wired network, Linux server for Samba Shares and DLNA, 3 WD Live Plus units around the house, all working great!

I have had no problems with either of my WIFI-N USB sticks (Asus N13 and a Trendnet TEW-645UB) on the current 1.06 firmware on either my Live or Live+. I did have connection problems with them on the 1.05 firmware. There was also a bug in the 1.05 firmware that would cause playback issues (couldn’t control the video anymore) when on wifi and that was also fixed so I have no playback problems anymore either.

I don’t use an external drive so I can’t comment on that (and it certainly seems like there’s an issue there), but what I can say is that I have fewer problems with this firmware than I did with the previous firmware on my two devices. I also like having Hulu available now and I greatly appreciate the new audio feature to have different codecs convert to stereo. My receiver can’t do AAC so now I can have the AAC be stereo while the rest of my videos can still be 5.1 DTS or AC3 without having to manual change the setting for each file after it starts playing and I realize it’s one of the AAC encoded ones.

The audio levels things Jeddia mentioned actually matches exactly my experience not only with WDTV but other devices such as Boxee, XBMC, Roku, and even Popcorn Hour. It isn’t a “broken” issue though. It’s a drawback of 5.1 downmixing. RoofingGuy has done an exemplary testing sequence and explains the fundamentals exactly right. Unless the device modulates the stream artificially, when a 5.1 is downmixed it always sounds flatish and the center channel suffers (one center channel compared to two rears and two sides and an LFE channel being processed down to 2 channels). There isn’t a good solution to this because different devices handle this downmix differently so a fix for you to allow modulation would break an audio function for someone else who is expecting the standardized downmix.

I’ve noticed the same with DVD standalones but it somehow appears to be connected to how the audio stream is ‘authored’. Compared to MKVs/AVIs, volume always has to be turned up but in some cases voices are harder to understand than sounds and music. That said, I recently realized that with the current firmware the downmix of the exact same source DVD is louder when done with as ISO compared to VOB. I’ve uploaded a demo here, pw is the current firmware number.

I am having sound issue with new firmware v 1.06.15   so i rollback to older one but iam facing main issue with the aspect ratio resetting.