Do I really have to clone my previous HDD to install my new SSD?

Hi there,
I want to change an HDD by a WD BLUE 3D NAND SSD on a Windows 8 computer.
The computer is UEFI.
I don’t want to backup any data nor any Windows configuration from the previous HDD.
Do I really have to clone the previous HDD before installing the SSD ?
Can’t I just replace the HDD by the SSD and boot with a windows installer usb device to install windows on SSD ?
The SSD is brand new.

Thank you.


You can do whatever pleases you … no one is holding a gun to head telling you to clone the old hard drive onto the new one for installation.

But, it’s a hell of lot easier doing it that way to get it up and running quickly.

If you want to do a completely fresh install … go for it. (just set aside an entire evening to install everything from scratch)

I know I asked basic stuff but I wanted to be sure.
Anyway you perfectly answered my question so thank you.