Do I need to do anything special to get FTP working properly? I can only see one of my shares

I’m trying to set up FTP to access files on my Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro in its native file viewer. The My Cloud app is all well and good, but it doesn’t have quite the integration I’d like to utilise.

I’ve got the connection all set up and it connects just fine, but says that there’s no files to display. To check if it’s just not working right, I tried with an FTP client I downloaded from the Play Store and that also connects just fine, but only displays a single one of my shares. This leads me to believe that it’s likely something with the EX4 itself, rather than FTP setup: does anyone know how I might fix this?

Hi there,

Have you checked the share you want to see have the ftp option enabled? Check on the shares you want  to access via FTP and make sure the FTP option is turned on on them.

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