Do I have to create multiple users to backup multiple devices?

Hi Everyone,
just bought a MyCloud and the concept is not obvious . I have 1 x Windows desktop, 2 x Windows laptops and an imac.
I want to have all these backed up and synched with Mycloud …

So do I need to configure 4 x users - 1 for each device ?
If not , can I have the same user back up different devices to different shares ?


When using the WD Smartware backup software each device will get backed up to its own individual folder in the Smartware directory on the My Cloud (provided one doesn’t change the Smartware backup location).

One can configure multiple users with their own passwords so their folders on the My Cloud are password protected and cannot be accessed by others (other than the main Administrator account). One can configure any backup software that supports saving to an NAS device to backup to its own individual folder (called a Share) on the My Cloud. You use the Dashboard user interface of the My Cloud to create both users and folders/shares.

If you haven’t done so already it is strongly recommended that one reads the WD My Cloud User Manual ( as it explains how to use the device and its features.

You don’t have to use WD software. The MyCloud is simply a NAS, and you can use whatever backup or sync software you like.

Given my experience with WD software, I choose not to use it it I can avoid it; I simply don’t think WD are good at writing robust software.

I’ve switched to FreeFileSync for my backup and sync needs.