DLNA with Samsung TV does not work anymore

Hi all.

I bought a MBL to have access to my multimedia files from my TV and smartphones.

At first, it works well with twonky; I was able to stream any music content or video content through my Samsung TV.

I was not using this feature since a while, and this week, I’m not able anymore to access to content. The TV says no content available.

I got the same issue with my android smartphones using various DLNA software. I can see the Twonky server on the network, and that’s it, no content.

In the meantime, I’ve made the latest upgrade of the MBL, and I also by mistake rename the Shared folder, as I notice it was important to keep “Shared”.

So since, I’m not able to read any content on my devices. I rebuild the database several times, but only my Windows 7 PC is able to access the content, and no other devices!

As it worked, I wonder exactly how I can go back to my previous configuration, and maybe rollback to the previous Software.

i did not perform any hard reset so far, as I don’t know if it will get back to initial 1.x SW , and it is not clear if I lost my datas.

Thanks for your help.


Hard reset will not reset the firmware, but will leave everything as factory defaults, even internal configurations. it also clearly says it’s going to erase the data.

On my newly bought MyBookLive

I have the same problem,  on my samsung tv, samsumg pad and Ipad  i get the message no content shared

Though all the above devised show content on my old MyBookWorld

A solution to this problem would be much appreciated  

you can add Ps3 to the above problem no content is shown there either