Dlna vs smb vs nfs

Been playing with the first two and considering the 3rd.
Dlna is screaming fast but does not support moviesheets and folder images ( using tversity).
Smb allows these but the combination slows the unit down dramatically probably due to loading the images.
It’s also not as reliable as dlna.

A friend uses nfs from his nas and it’s as fast as dlna but he’s using folder view - no images. But it’s way more reliable according to my friend.

So what is considered the best approach? I like the movie sheets but they seem to bog the device down.

each has it’s own merit

smb = wide range of devices supporting this

but slow, supports moviesheet xml’s and linksheets

nfs = fast stable, mostly only works with linux based devices

supports moviesheet xml’s and linksheets

dnla = only works with dnla compliant devices

supports linksheets

limited codec support, dependant on server specs

there’s also a number of other things that can slow down the device

like the theme you use

size of moviesheets, and thumbnails, xml’s, etc …

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