DLNA TV Live/TV Live Hub

I am a very proud owner of the WD TV live hub. However, I have 2 tv’s. The tv’s are not dlna certified.

I am looking for a (cheap) option to be able to watch the content of the Live Hub on the other tv, without moving the Live Hub.

I saw the WD TV live.

When I connect the TV Live to my other tv and to the network, will I be able to watch te content which is stored on the Live Hub? Like movies (most MKV)? Is the TV Live a dlna client?

Otherwise I have to buy a blu ray player, which can do the same?

I am sorry, but I am still a “dlna beginner” :smiley:

The Live Play may fit the bill for you, depending on the media type you’re wanting.

The Live will also do it, and can do it better via either DLNA or Network Share connections.