DLNA to XBox 360 Problems before & AFTER firmware update

I’ve had these DLNA problems since buying the MBLD 4TB on April 4th, but waited patiently for the firmware update.  I applied the firmware update yesterday with no issues, but my problems are exactly the same.

At first the DLNA streaming to the XBox worked reasonably well.  I have about 9800 music tracks and less than 100 videos that were copied to sub-directories (called “music” and “video”) in the public folder and were all indexed (it took 3-4 days).  While the indexing was taking place, the MBLD was visible but did not show any media.  After the indexing, all my media played fine.

My wife and I are photographers, and I copied our extensive catalog of 10,000 photos to a new sub-directory (called “photos”) in the public folder.  Indexing of these files started, making our other media unplayable on the XBox.  We waited a few days, but the media never played again, though from the LED and Dashboard, it didn’t appear that indexing was still going on.

I decided I needed more granularity on what was stream-able and what wasn’t, so I moved the photos into a new share that had media streaming turned off.  Still the other media wasn’t viewable or playable on the XBox 360. I also have noticed that new media I’ve added since the first indexing isn’t being added to the media count on the dashboard.

I decided to reboot the MBLD, and once that was complete I was able to browse and play media again, but after about 3-5 minutes media stops playing and becomes un-browseable again.  The XBox error suggests that I’ve lost connection to the MBLD, but it’s ping-able and accessible from my PCs and iPads, so I don’t think that’s the problem.

These are the things I see:

  • An excess of index-able media seems to prevent DLNA functionality.
  • Forcing indexing via “rescan” prevents DLNA streaming functionality.
  • The current media count is wrong and doesn’t change whether I use “rescan” or “rebuild”.
  • In the current state, after a reboot for 3-5 minutes DLNA streaming functionality is restored but then stops - and I wonder if that is a function of indexing restarting…

It seems that when I added the 10K of photos, some of which are RAW, everything broke and even though the photos are now in a separate share with media streaming disabled, DLNA functionality is gone.

Are there any suggestions or SSH-type problem solving solutions that I can try?  I don’t have a drive I can move this data to start over, and frankly, I don’t think I should have to - this is what this device is advertised to be able to do.

Thanks for any help,

Ty Robbins

Oh, as a side note possibly related to the firmware update - I noticed this morning from e-mail alerts that the MBLD rebooted twice last night for no apparent reason.

WD really messed up by dumping the Twonky Server used in previous NASs and trying to design their own.  DLNA Servers are traditionally extremely hard to design and get working.  They obviously have a long way to go with this one.