DLNA Stream gaining access with no login!


I am currently running a DX4000 in my home for personal use for my family. I have setup users based on my childrens’ age. For example the youngest will only have access to certain folders with age appropriate content. The issue I am running into is that on DNLA streaming devices (tablets) all sharded folders are available without any log in requirements.

Is there a method to disable certain folders completely from being accessed on a DNLA enabled device (ex Android tablet)

Or better yet to force the a login to access the server?

–So far I have tried to disable sharing but this also removes the folder from being accessed through the WSS2008 Lauch pad (from a PC) 

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Allow or restrict access to a media library on the server

When you enable media sharing, it creates four pre-defined folders - Music, Pictures, Videos, and Recorded TV. If any of these folders pre-exist on the server, the existing folder gets reused as a shared folder for media sharing. All the existing folders’ media contents and user permissions are preserved and it is now shared out to all network users.

  • Before you turn on Media Library Sharing for a shared folder, you should know that Media Library Sharing bypasses any type of user-account access that you set for the shared folder.

For example, let’s say that you turn on Media Library Sharing for the Photos shared folder, and you set the Photos shared folder to No Access for a user account named Bobby. Bobby can still stream any digital media from the Photos shared folder to any supported digital media player or DMR. If you have digital media that you do not want to stream in this manner, store the files in a folder that does not have Media Library Sharing turned on.

  • If you turn on Media Library Sharing for a shared folder, any supported digital media player or DMR that can access your network can also access your digital media in that shared folder.

For example, if you have a wireless network and you have not secured it, anybody within range of your wireless network can potentially access your digital media in that folder. Before you turn on Media Library Sharing, make sure that you secure your wireless network. For more information, see the documentation for your wireless access point.

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Thank you Gramps. As always you are helpful and very kind to offer so much support on these forums. I will take your advice and disable the Media Library Sharing. Although this brings up another question:

With Media Sharing disabled, could tabelt devices still stream with the appropriate logins? 

It kinda depends on the speed of your network and your tablet(s)

With “login” it is not really “streaming” it normally copies the file over then plays it locally. It may play while it is copying but you cant skip ahead very well.

I would consider leaving Streaming on but make a Dad folder for your stuff.  You just need to plan ahead.  Hey, I think I will watch X tonight, let me start that copy

BTW: I did not type all that above, I just cut and paste from the streaming doc I just so happened to be looking at when you posted the quizzer, THANKS for the KUDO though.  I hinted to WD that perhaps they should put a set of keys on one of those key rings for all the support cost I am saving them HA HA HA HA  You know a beamer lease for a year or something :slight_smile:

Hi Gramps,

WD de facto stopped any support to this unit both in term of development, bug fix and solving user issues. Most of the ones I had were sorted out thanks to your kind support  or spending hours on my own. This is pretty annoying considering that the DX4000 units, at least here in Italy, are still sold. And some significant problems or limitations could be easily solved by WD, like for instance removing the silly restrictions of using only the dedicated drives which now cannot be found almost anywhere. At least let the users use standard WD NAS drives if you are not guaranteeing anymore procurement of spare supplies.

The second main issue is the raid system where you do not have any control whatsoever. The very few times it should have worked automatically it did not and I had to reinstall everything from scratch loosing days for rebuild. This is simply not acceptable by a unit of this price tag. Just let the unit support RST drivers or upgrade your raid driver to let the user have some control. I understand this will never happen

Anyway thank you very much for your great help, really appreciated



I hear ya :)  It is just the way the industry works.  I have been involved with Microsoft and their Small Business products since 1997.  Microsoft does not make any money “fixing” stuff that has shipped.  When a problem comes up, the first thing they look at is is fixed in v.next.  Then they evaluate fixing it in what has shipped.

In all fairness though RAID 5 does require “good” drives. But yes, I agree there should be more flexibility to at least use the newer version of the Black drives.  And of course whoever was on the team that built the DX 4000 is no longer with WD, so someone would really have to spend time getting up to date.

OTH, WD has improved.  They have started putting the OS on a separate drive so if it goes belly up, the Data should still be there.  They have lowered the drive restrictions on the newer products.  And they also now have video ports.

Thank you for using this forum.  The more “helpers”/input we have the better for our lil ole boxes !