Dlna server

Not working anymore, had everything working just fine.

Some more detail would help us diagnose the problem…

In what sense is it not working?

Has the Twonky server disappeared from the library view in UPnP clients?

Is it still visible, but not serving media?

Is it not serving one type of media?

Does the playback break up or stop prematurely?

My first real question: have you upgraded the firmware, or made any settings changes via the dashboard?

Has anything changed since you had it working?

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I have not made any changes in the dashboard atall and never even noticed the twonkey service in the tray before, it won’t resacn or rebuild at all.

Go into Dashboard/Settings/Utilities and select System Factory Restore (System Only). You are looking at a rebuild of the drive structure itself, not a formatting and loss of your stored data, so make sure you choose only that option. This will restore the device to a stable state and hopefully resolve this for you.

Will  it lose all my fate in the cloud?

I restoresd back to sysmet settings as suggested and nothing, it took forever to reconfigure the setting after I did that too so I won’t do a factory reset. Any other suggestions?

look like it has been up for under 3 hours, give it time to rebuild and stabilize. I would just let it set for a day and look again

I just went into my Twonkey server and configured everything. Everything seems to be fine now.

GSW7190 wrote:

I just went into my Twonkey server and configured everything. Everything seems to be fine now.




can you share what you configured? Like to learn from your experience

Hi- I just went into my clouds Ip address 192.168…9999 or whatever the extension is and the Twonkey server website opened up. There you go to setup and you’ll see all of your directories and you have to point to each directory and savr changes. It works just fine, you just need to know where your cloud server is pointing too. It actually works better than configuring from the dashboard itself. But, whatever you do not rest your cloud, its a pain in the **bleep** to  get it back to where everything was before.