DLNA not working from NAS

Last weekend I bought a WD TV Live mediaplayer to replace my old KiSS DP-1500 networked DVD-player.
Subtitles work fine when I play avi’s from USB and via a network share, but when using the Media servers (so DLNA) feature only video is played and the player can’t find any subtitles. They’re on the same location as via the network share, my Synology DS-209+ NAS, it’s just using another protocol to access them I guess.

OK, this isn’t a blocking issue for me, but if both devices claim to support DLNA and apparently one of them doesn’t for 100%, I get a bit curious who’s to blame :smileyvery-happy: Perhaps that party can also fix it in a coming update? :wink:
Searching the web I found other people with similar problems, but sharing from other sources (other brand NASes or just Windows computers running a service), and some of them were able to solve it through an update or running another software.
So I think Synology is to blame here, but I can’t really tell for sure as I don’t know the tech stuff behind DLNA, so perhaps if I’m wrong in pointing the finger to Syno :dizzy_face:

Any others here with similar problems, and perhaps a solution? Or will this be tackled in a future firmware upgrade, if possible?