DLNA never updates the media content

I have a MyBook Live, which I’ve had for several years. Since it moved from Twonky a few years ago, the DNLA has never worked properly. I’m running the latest firmware and I thought that the problem would be fixed, but sadly its still the same. Normally its not an issue, as I use something like a Raspberry Pi, or Plex, but today I just needed to quickly play a movie for my son, so used the DLNA.
The problem is, half of my movies were missing. The only way to resolve this, is to log into the web view, go to settings and rebuild the database, this takes time, but the missing movies are now there.

I did report this a while ago, when I first noticed it and was told that its a known issue and firmware updates would resolve it, this hasn’t happened. Is there anyway to fix this annoying bug? it makes DLNA pointless, whereas Twonky worked perfectly for me.

Hi, have you tried going back to twonky? If you follow this knowledge base article, you will find a way to back to Twonky.

That’s what the support person said, but I’ve tried it and it won’t work. Then when he checked my drive, it was a newer version, which had never had the Twonky software on it, so it can never be installed.

My only other option, is to open up the unit, remove the hard drive and put it into m my synology box