DLNA issue with private shares

Hi, sorry if this issue has already been reported in another thread.  I just got my live duo yesterday and am having issues with private shares streaming using DLNA.  I have two shares, one public and one private.  My private share is only accessible by the admin (atleast when I browse to it using explorer).  However, when I access the drive through a DLNA enabled device (like my ipad) I can browse and play all my content from both my public and private share?  I would have thought the private share should prompt for a password when trying to access from my ipad?  Or is this a feature of DLNA ?

Anyone else having same problem?

DLNA doesn’t have authentication.  

If you enable DLNA on a share, media in that share will be accessible to any DLNA client, whether that share be public or private.

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Thanks for this, this explains it perfectly…