DLNA - File Sorting on Panasonic Viera TV --> File Date not read/updated


I am having difficulty sorting my video collection when streaming to my Panasonic TV using DLNA.

It appears my video files by default sort by the last modified date/time stamp.

Is there a way to change this so it sorts by filename by default?

I have searched for a way to do this, but the only work around I could find is to set the last modified date of all my video files to be the same. Then the secondary level of sorting becomes the filename, thus problem solved.

I have done this, and to an extent, works well.

However, There are about 20 video files which I have changed the modified date that does not update in the media server both on the TV as well as from Twonky Media Server. I have performed a database scan and rebuild and the date is still not updated. I can verify the date has successfully been changed when viewing the files from a PC.

Any ideas on how to ensure any database indexing or caching within Twonky is cleared or reset?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Type in whatever your My Cloud’s IP address is (or on some browser, you can just type “wdmycloud” in the address field), followed by:


So, for example

This will bring you into Twonky setup, IIRC it is under “Advanced” that you will find options to clear cache, rescan etc.

I know what you mean about the DLNA sorting, it is a nightmare and I don’t understand why it’s so **bleep** hard. It is different on all my devices, changes with a mind of its own, and usually makes no sense…

Thanks SophieH,

Yes I know about the clear cache button on the Twonky admin page, but I don’t get any confirmation that its been cleared.

Im tempted to delete the contents on the twonkymedia/db directory.

Anyway even after hitting the clear cache and rescan buttons (from both the twonky adamin page and the MyCloud Settings page) my file dates on the twonky server don’t update/refresh.

-------->>>>>>    Some additional information. I’ve noticed this may only be the case for MP4 files. AVI files look like they behave as expected.     <<<<<<<<--------