DLNA and file names

I downloaded a videoclip from internet in MKV format and I renamed this file in “Videoclip.mkv”. But when I try to stream my video files with DLNA I see another name about this file, so something like " www.mkvvideos.com" (it’s just an example). So I don’t understand because the most part of my video files are showed with their file name and someone with other information.

So where are stored these others information and how can I change them to see another file name when I share a video with DLNA service?

Right click on the file and click on the Details tab. Make your changes there.

Open the mkv in MKVToolnix’s Header editor and edit the title/name there. Apparently the tool you used to make an mkv wrote it’s name into the file. This won’t happen if you useMKVToolnix instead.

OK thanks. And if I want to change also avi file information?