I posted a request yesterday 10/03/11 about help with DLGDIAG.EXE not being able to read the TXT file from the CD I burned from the ISO download low and behold my question was not only not answered but has been removed from this posting Is anyone having the same problems with this ISO download and are there any fixes that will help me identify the drive

OOOPS I may have jumped the gun a bit I have now read the messages from my Inbox and PizzaMatrix had answered my question and moved my postings to a more apropriate place for others to see MANY THANKS Pizza you where absolutly right YOU CANNOT RUN THE CD FROM A SATA CD/DVD drive DIAGS now running on the drive and so far so good:-)

I did whaaaaat… ? o.O I’m a regular user so I can’t move a post o.o

Are you sure you’re no confusing me with a mod? o.o

Anyway, I’m glad I was able to help :slight_smile: