DLGDIAG 5.04f Version Problem with WD20EARS

Same as bgavin topic with same title:

The program source is the .ISO downloaded from WD.

The error message is:

“Western Digital drives were found.  However, none of them are supported in this version of the program.”

The drive are on a linux server. I want to make a RW check before copy 1,5TB of data from a buggy WD drive with less than 6 months.

A windows utility isn’t a option.

Reply to myself, I hope it helps someone:

CD version are much older than the other DOS version available. WD does not seem to have enough people to pack DOS versión on a bootable CDROM.


  1. Download Data LifeGuard Diagnostics for DOS (DLGDiagv519.zip) and unzip it to a USB drive with FAT

  2. Connect the USB drive to the machine with WD20EARS

  3. Boot FreeDOS from a CDROM, (or from a utilities disk like SystemRescueCD)

  4. Run C:\DLGDiagv519.exe

thanks for trying to help someone :slight_smile: