DLG Diagnostic Bootable


I have bought the 1TB WD Black hard drive from best buy and am having some issues with windows acting really slow and having high hard disk usage. I ran the DLG Diagnostic extended test for Windows in safe mode and it returned with no errors. When I ran in normal it reported errors. I need to find out if it is a driver/compatibility issue or an actual failed hard drive (I have already returned my first one for a replacement and same issues).

I want to run the bootable version of DLG Diagnostic, but I cannot find the downloadable ISO. I do not have a floppy disk drive in my computer. Any help please?

This has the tool on it and many others…


This is the link to a tutorial on how to put the cd image on a flash drive (using a small free safe tool)


this is the page for the DOS version from WD.



Is it the actual diagnostic from Western Digital on that boot cd? I did not see it listed on that page you link to.

Also, I can’t use the DOS version because I don’t have a floppy disk drive. I saw in the WD instructions that there was a version that was DOS (CD) and that contains the ISO, but I can’t seem to find that available for download anywhere on the WD website. Why would they take it down?

ok i checked and that link i posted for WD’s site does not mention an iso version or iso tutorial anymore and i think it used to…

i also downloaded the link WD provides and ran it and its just the DOS program .exe

i went and looked at my changelog for Hirens BootCD and it is using

Western Digital Diagnostics (DLGDIAG) 5.19

i think version 5.20 is current (from WD)

I have Hirens 15.1 on a flash drive and i noticed 15.2 is out now so its possible it has the newer version of WD’s program but i havn’t checked if its updated yet…

So yeah the same program is on Hirens…

You can burn the .iso CD image that you download from Hiren’s web site that is the old classic way of doing that… many people now a days prefer to use a flash drive because they are quicker etc that is why i mentioned that.

Also i tend to use that as a DOS platform so for example i have Hirens on a flash drive (or cd/dvd)

and i copy what ever DOS program i want on it to the root of the drive and load up Hirens and select “DOS”  …what a minute and go to the root of the drive and run the dos program like that.

So basicly its easy to put new programs on there is what i’m saying and it has a DOS environment to run in the menu (its listed under programs)

Lastly it also has a lot of other drive testing tools that will work for your drive so you can test it out with many… far too many to list …many are from HDD manufacturers such as Seagate or Fujitsu etc