DL4100 useful parts

Hi, quick background is that my DL4100 has stopped working, support says it is “non functioning and out of warranty” so I am going to have to buy another NAS, probably a Synology.

Question is, are there any useful parts in the DL4100 enclosure that I can safely remove and reuse? WD Red disks aside, are there any other parts like DDR memory modules (which are not soldered on), cache modules that would be worth the trouble to open up the enclosure to recover and reuse elsewhere such as another NAS enclosure or even an old PC?

Thanks in advance.

the power supply

I have 2 dead DL4100 due to the atom CPU problem
one day I may use the disk cage for a Raspberry Pi open NAS

I had no luck seeing if anyone was replacing old CPU chips .

I took apart my DL4100 and alas, there is no removable memory. I had hoped there would be something I could salvage but no. No power supply either. Very impressive build quality however. Shame there was no fix for this issue

Hi, I have a WD DL4100 and the last owner decide to break the glass that is in front of the display. The display work fine but it`s just ugly. Is there anyone here with a defective unit ? I can buy the front if not in use.