DL4100 problems setting RAID 5, getting error code 635

I own a DL4100 and have 4 x 5tb drives. I am able to do Raid 1 and JBOD with no issues, and when I do a full drive check and quick drive test, all test good. When I do a RAID 5 config, it gets to about 64~68% and then fails and tells there is a drive failure, and gives me error code 635. Was wondering if anyone knows about this and what I can do to help resolve this.

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I generally put new drives in a low cost USB dock and run the Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostics software on a PC.

There is a more powerful type of scan you can perform, namely the ‘Extended Test’ that thoroughly checks for bad sectors through a full media scan. This type of task is most likely to go on for several hours on high-capacity HDDs.



I’m suffering the same situation. Did you got any solution for this problem?

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I have the same problem!!!
Did you got any solution for this problem?