Dl2100 and Link aggregation setup

i just discovered that it is possible to use Link aggregation in DL2100 with Asus ac87u router. But im not sure how to set it up.

Asus AC87U

So i have Asus ac87u router, which has “Teaming port”-feature (lan1+ lan2). https://www.asus.com/us/support/faq/1014536/

But it says on the link above that i should use two ip-addresses for the NAS. i dont know how to do that.

I get only one when NAS is connected to the router (NAS setup: link aggregation, Round robin, static ip). Both NICs have green lights, the router AC87u has solid lan2 light (nic2), lan1(nic1) is blinking randomly (lan1 and lan2 are those “teaming ports”). So the NIC1 is active in routers map - the router shows only that one static ip to NIC1. there is no second active ip for the other NIC(2).

i tried to set mac binding with specific ip addresses in Ac87u for both NICs. So the nic1 mac is bound to ip xxx.xxx.xx.10 and nic2 mac is bound to ip xxx.xxx.xx.11. The NAS shows one active ip, the ip …xx.10

Same is in the nas itself. it shows only one ip. (nic1 is active.)

Hi there,

I have not tried this, but lets see if another user can share some information or tips on this matter.

alright… you get two ip addresses for both nics when link aggregation is set off. and you need to reboot the nas.

so now im able to get two ip addresses (nas is showing them as static ips), but my router gives the same ip for both NICs. sometimes it shows two ips but on the few second later they have the same ip again - althought i have set mac address+ip manually.

something is working wierd.