Distortion of recorded video files

Sorry if this isn’t the right place, I didn’t know where else to post this.

I have a WD Velociraptor 300gb that I use to record video files to, but recently my videos began having inexplicable distortion in them. I tried a number of things before narrowing it down to the hard drive; I can record to my C drive just fine, and even transfer a recorded file over to the Velociraptor and have it play just fine, but when I record directly to it the files playback with tons of distortion and artifacting, etc.

I formatted the drive, but the issue is unchanged. From what I can tell, the drive is performing as it should, it just doesn’t handle recording video files to it without causing them to playback distorted. I should also note that, I had some older files on the drive that were fine, and have been for months, but became distorted when the problem started. The files themselves are not corrupt, but they playback with this distortion (editing, or converting them retains the distortion, as well).

Anyone know what this could be?

Reformatting is one thing, you may need to delete the partition and recreate it. The partition table itself may be corrupted, which can happen when recording media files directly to it.

I would also run the DLG diagnostic utility to make sure the drive sectors are good.

Thanks for the quick response! I took your advice and first tried the DLG diagnostic tool, which showed the drive as “PASS”; so I then went and removed the Volume (partition?) and recreated it, I did a quick recording test and it seems to have turned out as it should. Hopefully that takes care of it, then!?

Once again, thanks for helping me with this very frustrating issue!


Lol. I just went back to re-watch the video and it’s now distorted again?

You may need to do the extended test on the drive. That will take a while, but it will show you if the drive has sectors going bad on it. If it still passes, then the issue may be cables, and then maybe software, or software settings.

If the first time you record video and it plays fine, then begins to distort on subsequent plays, you may not be dealing with a hardware recording issue. I would continue to do research on video playback distortion to see if that turns up anything.

Thanks for replying again!

I ran the extended test and it still passed. It does seem that videos now play fine upon first viewing, but become distorted after that. I have not found much help in my searches online, I’ve reinstalled software, video codecs, etc. but nothing has helped thus far. I guess the search continues.

Yeah, if it’s not a hardware issue, there’s not much I can add. Sorry.

Email noty ftw.

Unfortunately the drive remained unusable and eventually died completely, so I guess it was a hardware issue? Or it was possessed.