Distorted sound under DD output

Hello WD Community!

I just purchased my first standalone living room player for movies, loving it, but I have a problem with audio. When connected through optical output to my AV receiver and DD enabled under setup menu I get distorted audio with .mkv files (others work just fine). When I select stereo output no distortion is present but of course also no surround sound is available :(. Can you help me with this? Thanks!


I have no problem with Dolby Digital via Optical Output. :neutral_face:

What i would recommend is, posting more information eg.

A mediainfo log for one that’s working fine and another for one that isn’t working (distortion)

(so myself or others can compare)

Also … Brand / Model of your AV Reciever

mediainfo: http://mediaarea.net/en/MediaInfo

After installing on your PC … (On your video file right click and open with Mediainfo select View > Tree then File > Export >Text > Save then open the *.txt file and copy and paste the info here)

Hi Joey,

my receiver is Harman Kardon AVR 75, all .mkv files when choosing DD source have this distortion present. When playing Dolby Digital divx titels no problem at all, just matroska causing problems. :frowning: