Dismissed as a lokal network access storage

Wanted to buy a NAS for my lokal Network and got somthing like a refrigirator that keeps door locked if not authorized from server in the www.

A NAS in my opinion is a lokal storage and should be managable lokally independent from internet connection. Gave back immediately und ordered a NAS, not somthing like a car, that only unlocks via internet. It’s a bad joke, not a solution.

It appears you should have looked in the Home forums before you purchased one.

How could I expect such a crazy solution, where a lokal network storage is not managable via lokal GUI in the device? It is not the question, if the access to the lokal database from internet is over ddns and port forewarding or over cloud management. But management for lokal directories and passwords for accounts and data schould be local, not in the internet. That is a question of security!