Disk replacement for a raid 10

Hi everyone,

I have to replace a defective hard drive on a RAID 10 (4 drives)
This raid was build with 4 drive like that:

WP_20130107_004 - Copy.jpg

And I’m planning to replace it with:

WP_20130107_005 - Copy.jpg

If i’m not wrong they are both 7200 tr/min, 32Mo Cache and the same size, green and blue is only a difference of power optimisation but this should be fine no ??

I would appreciate to be conforted in what I am doing :wink:
Thanks in advance

Hi well no you can’t mix a green drive and a blue one in raid it will give problems. The green drives park the heads all the time and are recommended as a storage drive ie  not for raid not for a boot drive. For raid 10 you need a raid approved drive. Of course this is what WD recommends you use it for, but in the end it is your choice how you use them. In a raid setup all drives should be the same. Also your pictures dont show.

it’s been working for a couple of hours but it looks like the self hosted service that comes with that forum deleted my photos.
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Well, i get what you said, the mistake is actually to have build that server with green disks, this server need to be reactive, maybe not like at maximum speed, but at least as a “normal” file server. This raid should have been made with blue disks.

Now I thought using 1 blue in the middle of the greens shouldnt bring any problems, because that blue is at least as efficient than the greens … I thought the only things that could happens is to have it waiting for it’s mirror disk if that one isnt as reactive as it is

David13 wrote:

EDIT: Got a PM recommending me to delete the serial numbers

You hid the Patent and RN numbers.  :laughing:

FFS …  Too many numbers … 
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