Disk name change in JBOD mode on EX4100

Looking seriously at purchasing the EX4100, but need to clarify something first. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if, in JBOD mode, the disk names can be changed from Disk1, 2, 3, etc to something else like Movies1 etc? I currently have my movies and tv shows split on to 4 external drives (2 for tv and 2 for movies) and within those I have the movies split by genre and the tv shows split at mid alphabet. I’d like to have the same on the NAS but when accessing the drives from a WDTV live smp, I would rather not have to remember what disk1, 2 etc are. Thank You.

You can create a share folder (name) for each disk in JBOD.

Ok, so when I have usb locally connected drives connected to my WDTV Live, when selecting local storage it gives me the names of the drives. With network share, would it give me the shared folder names then instead? That would be cool.

Yes, the same in network share. Just remember to enable to turn ON media streaming in the (Settings -> Media -> Media Streaming) and in (Share -> Your share folder -> Media serving)

The first time you enable the media streaming if will take awhile depends on how large your movies, photos…etc to index those files.

Thanks again. It looks like this is going to work perfect for me.