Disk inserted not readable by this computer

When I start up my Mac OS 10.9.3 system I see on my screen appears a message:  “The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer.”  I am given the choice to either “ignore, or eject.”  I have used both, but the problem persists.  When I disconnect MY Book Studio at startup, this error message goes away.  I think it’s something to do with My Book Studio Drive that is connected using a Firewire400 Cable.  This drive is used  to perform timed backup.  I have reformatted the disk, but this hasn’t corrected the problem.   I have visited “WD SmartWare” to download upgrade to the SmartWare, but the software scans for a connected USB connection, but as I’ve said earlier, I am using Firewire400. I am confused about what to do to eliminate this annoying message at startup. My timed backups are performed, but it’s just this error message continues to annoy me at startup.  Any suggestions?

iMac (24-inch Early 2009), OSX 10.8.2


At this moment WD SmartWare only supports USB as an interface. Do you encounter the same issue when you change the Firewire cable or even when you switch over to USB? Please bear in mind USB 2.0 is actually around 10% theoretically faster than Firewire 400 as an interface.

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Thank you for your response. As you suggested, I reconnected WD External using the USB cable. I no longer see the annoying message at startup. I think my timed backups are faster too. Again, thanks for your help.

I “was” also having this problem and discovered that my problem was that I had ‘locked’ my drive

the cue to me was

afterwhich I went to the system preferences and was able to see the VCD ( VCD  stands for 'Video Compact Disc in this case my WD Passport), and then followed the intsructions to unlock my Passport at which time it reappeared in the finder.

My take away? When locking, encrypting, hiding etc. remember I did so and know how to rediscover it when I want to.

Hope this may be of some service.