"DISK BOOT FAILURE" on SATA, but readable on USB -- what gives?

I have a 2TB Caviar Green drive (part of a Windows Home Server PC build) that suddenly acted up when I reassembled my computer in a new enclosure.  No clicks or mechanical failure noises; just a sudden failure to boot Windows.  I installed the drive in a SATA-to-USB enclosure, and it was readable on another computer; I did manage to back up its data to an external hard disk.  I’ve double-checked the BIOS settings on the WHS computer; SMART is disabled, the IDE ports are disabled, and the BIOS correctly detects the drive itself.  Is it replacement time?

plz check the smart data

install hard disk sentinel and see for yourself :slight_smile:

If the drive was readable in another computer then is not a hard drive failure, you need to verify your computer configuration.