Discrepancy in Disk usage numbers

Im working with an eaststore 10TB external HDD.

Im coppied the data from two other external HDDs to the eassystore.

The total amount of copied data should have reached about 6+ TB but Im seeing two different numbers when I use properties to look at the used disk space.

When I select properties on the drive it shows me 5.45TB used/3.64TB free space

The data is all contained in a folder/directory that is at the top of the hierarchy on the easystore.

Data in that directory is stored in files, and folders/directories.

When I click properties on the top most file that contains all the rest it shows me 2.08TB used on the disk.

When I go one level down to click on the files under the first level )which also consists of files and folders/directories) it shows me 4.65 TB used.

What is the reason for the discrepancies? Have I lost data somewhere? Is the drive bad? Do I need to return it?


You need to check drive health using WD utility(see the link). In case the result is unhealthy then you can return it, by creating RMA.

For more information and troubleshooting you can check the below mentioned link-

If the issue not resolved yet, please contact WD Support.