Discovered Malware After My Cloud Installation

Friends and neighbors of WD, last weekend I installed my WD HD over a wireless network with both an XP and a Windows 7 computer.  Everything works; but on the XP I discovered entries in Device Manager, Network Adapters that show the name “Fortinet” and yellow “!”'s.  This has nothing to do with WD.  A few years ago I used Forticlient, and these XP entries are probably remnants after removing that program, which fortunately do not appear on the Windows 7.  They also have a Code 19.  At this point anyone with ideas of how to get rid of these drivers, which I regard as malware, I will welcome.  The last thing I did was install Revo Pro, which found nothing although examing Registry shows Fortinet entries.  I am not doing too much of anything in there, which I regard as a virtual bad neighborhood.  Before anyone suggests it, yesterday I thought of reinstalling Forticlient and then removing it with the free Revo, which I already had, thinking a rigorous uninstall would get rid of all of it.  Those entries in Registry show that it did not work.  The regular Windows Explorer searches only turned up a Fortinet empty folder which I moved to the Recycle Bin.  System Restore and Last Good Configuration also did not work.  Much of what I tried failed in both full Windows and Safe Mode.  If you read all this, then thank you.

SImple. Back up your documents and reformat & reinstall your XP machines with Windows 7 or higher, something you should have done over a year ago.

Nonsense. XP works just fine, at home, and at work. That’s not the OP’s issue, although, frankly, I’m not sure the OP has a real issue, just some old registry entries. It certainly doesn’t sound like installing MyCloud has installed malware, which is what the thread title suggests.

Not sure what the intent of the post was. The way the post was titled It can be easily constituted to imply that the WD My Cloud was responsible for the malware. Which was absolutely NOT the case. In reality the so called malware (Forticlient) was not installed by the WD My Cloud but rather is a left over portion of software that appears to have been previously installed to the Windows XP computer and subsequently uninstalled.

It should be noted that while Windows XP will continue to operate, it is End of Life and Microsoft generally will no longer support patching it. There are a variety of free software tools (like  Glary Utilites and CCLeaner) one can use to clean the Registry or remove/uninstall applications or remnants of applications. One can try to remove software or run registry cleaners in Windows Safe Mode to remove troublesome startup items or programs. As always it should be noted that cleaning or editing the Registry has the potential to cause unintended problems and or brick the OS.

cpt_paranoia wrote:

Nonsense. XP works just fine, at home, and at work.

You’re very brave. Permanent zero-day exploits are not something I’d be prepared to risk.

Fortinet is not malware but is also not very easy to remove and may cause compatibility issues with other software.

If it is working leave it. if it is not working a format and reinstall is probably needed and you should probably upgrade from XP too.

we have some clients at work that require Fortinet for VPN access. We dedicate machines or VMs for Fortinet and the client connection and never install it on a primary PC