Disconnecting the ethernet cable = full reboot of mbl?

I find that it is quicker to unplug the cable then plug it back after the led goes to a flashing amber, indicating a boot sequence.  This appears to be quicker than having the MBL do a shutdown/reboot for the MBL/Twonky to be seen by my media player, an AVR.  It appears that a reboot on the MBL restarts the daemon listener for a few hours before it shuts down again(!).

A restart of Twonky doesn’t help solve the problem as it doesn’t wake something up; looks like the MBL doesn’t pass info to Twonky for whatever reason.

Would hope that a next version firmware will allos use of what appears to be a generic DLNA server that the MBL Duo docs claim is using.

edit: full reboot vs a partial just to get the ethernet running.

Not sure if I understood your whole post.  What you are saying is that your MBL reboots when you unplug the Ethernet cable? This is not the standard behavior.

Regarding your suggestion to changes in a new firmware you may submit this as an idea:  Network Product Ideas