Disconnecting my WD Book for Mac

I work from home, which basically means my computer is on anywhere from 8 to 12 hours per day.  Consequently, I needed to turn the “sleep” function off in order to receive any email alerts. That means my WD Book for Mac will be on for long periods of time as well.

Can I disconnect the WD from my computer, but at the same time leave it plugged into the electrical outlet, without losing all the data I have already placed on it?  Then, when I want to use the WD, can I just reconnect it to my computer BEFORE I start up?

I am only concerned because it was suggested to set the sleep function for the WD to save “wear and tear” on the drive – which I cannot do.


Disconnecting the drive form the computer should turn the drive off. Even if it is still connected to the power.

I’m glad I asked first!  I may have lost all my saved data.

Thank you for your helpful reply!